Friday, January 1, 2010

Getting Grief...

I had never aspect that my first blog is being voice out right here. I am writing this first blog because of one person which has been making me struggle for a whole night on thinking of her. After knowing something about her, I can’t even sleep or stay silently. Whole of my thought is being obsession, so I try to voice it out right here. May it come out with some help? When I saw something that I wish not to see, the beats of my heart slowing down, shivering appeared on my both hands. I’m not willing to see that thing happening, but its do happen. She makes my life abruptly split out with light and colour. But since last night, that light has been slowly become weak. I already haven’t seem that such light about two years, from previous few months, the light coming out in a sudden to me. I’m very glad to see it again as I being stayed in the darkness before that. I thought my life will be getting some changing due to her. But now, the dream is just like the mirror that getting hit by something and breaks into pieces. The feeling of sadness this time is more serious than before. I really hope that time can turn a reverse then I can change the history and make me won’t injure so badly right now. This is impossible, so I just can bless her has a felicity for her whole life. Hope that she will meet up happiness all the time.

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